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Certified Life Coach - Inspirational Speaker

Certified Life Coach - Inspirational Speaker

Claim Your Life Now provides - a container for the possibility of realizing and maximizing your potential. - provides the gift of vulnerability, compassion, trust and honesty needed to make big...

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Fear is the cheapest room in the house.

I would like to see you living in better conditions.

                                                            - Hafiz


Pauline Laurent, CPCC, Life Coach
Pauline Laurent, CPCC
Life Coach, Speaker, Author
CTI Certificate


In middle age we can sometimes fall victim to depression, discontentment, restlessness, doubt, despair, and/or longing. Disappointment or a failed expectation of yourself or another can be the catalyst for change that forces you to find a new way of life.

Consider the possibility that on the other side of the challenges which you face in midlife is a life beyond your imagination.

Pauline is skilled at coaching people to find new perspectives for midlife. Middle age can be:

  • a time to explore unfulfilled dreams
  • a time to explore the neglected side of one's self

We can shed worldly ambitions, free at last for spiritual growth. When we embrace our spiritual nature, unknown possibilities unfold easily.

QED Radio Interview

Scott Schafer of The California Report interviewed Pauline on KQED Radio on March 19th. The subject was "Mourning a Loved One Lost to War." A recording of the interview is available by clicking here.

Endorsements and Testimonials

The National Coach Academy (NCA) has written a review of Pauline Laurent's coaching practice. NCA's primary mission is to educate and inform readers about the art and skill of coaching and show the tangible benefits it can offer both individuals and companies.

My initial coaching session with Pauline was helping me with the grief of losing my dear cat. The next step was to transition from working full-time into an early retirement. I learned a lot about myself and it’s pretty shocking to see how much ground we have covered.

Pauline helped me choose different perspectives regarding many situations in my life that made it easier to make the changes I wanted to make. (Read more)

Diane K., R.N.
Happily Retired Health-Care Administrator
December 2015

"Pauline is a wise-woman possessing a refreshing combination of compassion, humor and no-nonsense frankness. When she told me that I needed to be witnessed in my grief, it resonated deeply. She showed me how to “turn around and face the grief” of losing my father at 23. She helped me to touch this ancient pain, examine it, express it and release it. She has helped me to acknowledge the multiple losses from that time in my life and to see the effects of those losses on my adult experience. As I step into a life of greater confidence, trust and abundance, I know that I am forever changed by my summer of grieving with Pauline."

Maria Perry
September 2013

Thank you for this year. I could not be where I am without you. My internal world-view is different. You have taught me self compassion, to cut myself some slack, and quiet the voice of my "inner critic". I have become someone who can live by myself, be there for others but not at my own expense. You have the ability to press issues without berating. You have a good combo of tough and gentle; yet, you can't be ignored. You helped me see a lot about myself and I didn't get defensive. I am surprised by how much I have grown and changed in the past year.

Young Widow
January 2014

"You bring new meaning to me, of love and trust, hope and belief in myself.
You truly are a container for the possibilities ... for my realizing and maximizing my potential.
You are so genuine that I cannot runaway from myself and I thank you for that."


“This morning on the way to work I was thinking how getting treated for ADD is the best thing I have ever done. I wished I would have done it years ago. Thanks so much for helping along the path of discovering that..”

Functional Analyst


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